Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Chiropractic Weight Loss Therapy in San Jose, CA 

In today’s world, your body weight defines who you are more than anything else. It is estimated that more than two-thirds of the American population is obese or overweight.

It is a well-known fact that losing weight is no easy task. This involves so many parameters, including current weight, age, sex, metabolism, genetics and a lot more, that differ from one person to another that predicting proper weight loss techniques for an individual is almost impossible.

How can chiropractic treatment help you to lose weight?

Chiropractic treatment is not only an effective way of losing weight, it is a very safe method as well. There are several chiropractors who are known to specialize in manipulating your nerves to aid in weight loss. Additionally, these specialists also offer nutritional and exercise advice as well.

By getting regular adjustments by chiropractors, you can relieve your spine of pressure that could cause subluxations or dysfunctions of the spine. This allows you to exercise more easily and makes your dieting more effective.

What kind of changes do you need to opt for?

Depending on your weight and physique, your chiropractor will suggest the best course of action that can be taken to effectively lose weight. This could including adjustments before starting your diet or exercise routines and others that are done after your workout that help your muscles to relax. These adjustments also help your muscles to get ready for your next workout session.

Dr. Shin is a chiropractor and an acupuncturist from the East West Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic based in San Jose, CA. if you would like to lose weight quickly, effectively and safely, call us at 408-295-7380 to schedule an appointment


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